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The Cell Buckle: Handlebar Cell Phone Mount



This is one of those brilliant products that makes you wonder why someone hasn’t produced one sooner.  It’s a simple, sturdy mount for your smartphone that places it’s screen in just the perfect spot for visibility. Finally, I can use the GPS on my phone while I’m riding. Can’t wait for mine to get here. Check this little gem out at The Cell Buckle site.


Vision Series Headlights from Performance Machine


Performance Machine been dramatically expanding their already substantial offerings over the last few years. We’ve seen them introduce an entire collection of air cleaners, and the Contrast Cut and Scallop series of tin covers, pegs and grips, all of which were right in the wheelhouse of what they’ve been doing for the last forty plus years. So the new Vision Series of headlights, made to the same exacting specifications as the rest of their parts, is an exciting line of accessories for PM to introduce. Check out the stats at Performance Machine and pick up yours from your local PM dealer.

Wide Tripper™ Solo with Diamond Stitch Pattern from Mustang Seats


Mustang has spruced up it’s famously comfortable Wide Tripper Solo Seat by offering them with a cool diamond stitch pattern, even the backrest models.  Mustang has had a good thing going with its Wide Tripper series and I’m pleasantly surprised they’re expanding the line up. Be sure to check out their new heated seat offering when you check the specs on the one. Available for Touring, Sportster, Dyna and Softail models from Mustang Seats.

Slot Track Inverted Air Cleaner from Arlen Ness


2013 seems to be the year of the air cleaner. I can’t think of major manufacturer that hasn’t come up with a new one and minimalism appears to be the fad of the moment. As evidence, Arlen Ness’ Slot Track Inverted Air Cleaner. No stats yet to determine its performance against the reigning champs on the market, but you check the product specs at Arlen’s website.

Thundervolt 10.4MM Spark Plug Wires from Sumax



There was a time not very long ago where it wasn’t uncommon for a spark plug wire manufacturer to advertise horsepower gains from their product. A spark plug wire can only aid in increasing the size of the spark the plug emits and decreasing the amount of Resistance the electrical current faces on its way to the plug. Following that logic, the majority of spark plug wire manufacturers have stopped making horse power claims in their ads. Not Sumax’s massive 10.4mm Spark Plug Wires, whose dyno tests tout a reliable 2.1 increase in overall horsepower in Twin Cam motors. Take some extra time to properly gap your plugs and you can bet that number will inch a bit higher. Bigger,  hotter sparks and a smoother, faster start -what more could you want? Available now, exclusively from Sumax.

Gold Valve Cartridge Emulators by Race Tech

I’ve said it before, a factory Harley Davidson is not engineered to handle like a Ducati. Fortunately HD’s aftermarket universe is filled with products that substantially increase all around performance.  One of the biggest complaints from HD riders stems from the front suspension. It’s either too mushy or too stiff and finding the balance in between often takes hours of trial and error.


Race Tech has offered its Gold Valve Cartridge Emulators for a number of years now and with the introduction of Red Line Oil’s new variety of suspension fluids, we finally have the means to easily tune the front suspension to suit your individual riding style. Race Tech Gold Emulator Cartridges are built with a tune able valve that, when dropped into your fork tubes sits directly on top of your stock dampeners, making them perform like well tuned cartridge forks. Drop in a set and go hit the Tail of the Dragon like a sport bike. See the entire collection of HD suspension accessories at Race Tech.

Lucas Octane Booster



Octane boosters have become the automotive equivalent of snake oil over the years. When it comes down to the numbers, most of the stuff sitting on your auto part’s store shelf are sorely deficient. So a when Lucas released its own Octane Booster, I was genuinely surprised. Lucas Oil is not known for putting their names on bunk products. That was eight years ago and I can tell you: Lucas Octane Booster is the single most reliable, least expensive performance modification you make to your motorcycle. Safe for turbos, oxygen sensors and catalytic converters, Lucas Octane Boost even increases your MPG. Glorious. Look for  it at your local auto parts store or bypass the middle man: Lucas Oil Products, Inc.