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The Cell Buckle: Handlebar Cell Phone Mount



This is one of those brilliant products that makes you wonder why someone hasn’t produced one sooner.  It’s a simple, sturdy mount for your smartphone that places it’s screen in just the perfect spot for visibility. Finally, I can use the GPS on my phone while I’m riding. Can’t wait for mine to get here. Check this little gem out at The Cell Buckle site.


Pioneer Bars from Pangea Speed

Pioneer_Bars1 Pioneer_Bars2


Fresh from the folks at Pangea Speed, some vintage rabbit-ear inspired handlebars they call Pioneer Bars. Goes to show if you wait long enough, everything comes back into style. Grab a set for yourself a pair while they’re still on sale at Pangea Speed.  

Military Sticker Plate from Cycle Visions

2030-0183 2030-0182 (1)


These lil’ puppies come in handy for a lot more than just military stickers… How ’bout that parking permit you don’t want stuck to your windshield/forks/wherever? Well, here you go. Available in two styles, both in your choice of black or chrome, only from Cycle Visions.

Thunder Risers from Biltwell Inc.

large_182_ThunderRiser large_182_ThunderRiserExpld


I really dig the new Thunder Risers from Biltwell. All the rigidity gained from making the upper and lower riser a solid piece will make a pronounced improvement in vibration. Designed to work with 1″ bars, these risers are investment cast and CNC milled from stainless steel. Available in polished and black from Biltwell Inc.

“Who Does It Better??” Joker Machine VS. Lowbrow Customs


For this episode of “Who Does It Better??” we’ll take a quick peek at two nearly identical products from totally different manufacturers and let you vote to see who wins. In one corner, we have Joker Machine’s Vintage Radial Rubber Grips and in the other, Lowbrow Custom’s Vintage Coke Bottle grips. Both composed of super soft rubber compound and if there’s a difference in the style, I can’t see it. Even the MRSP on these two are withing 4 cents of each other. I’ve tried both of these out and can tell you the feel is identical as well. Common overseas supplier? I want your thoughts in the comments below.

Scrambler Bar from Burly

Burly Scrambler BarsBurly Scrambler Bars - on bike

When we were kids we wanted our bikes to look like motorcycles, now some of us want to make out motorcycles reminiscent of our old ramp jumpers. Seems Roland Sands pioneered the whole BMX/Moto hybrid style. It wasn’t long before Harley followed with its Hollywood handlebars, featuring the distinctive cross-member. Now Burly’s on the scene with a set of bars that look straight off your brother’s Mongoose. Just need to hit the bike shop for those nifty checkered Vans bar pads and some stickers. Check ’em out over at Burly.

“Pist Apes” Handlebars from Carlini Design


Carlini Design made waves back in 07-08 with their innovative re-curved “Flying Ape” and”Gangster Apes” handlebars, which were some genuinely cool ape hangers. Now Carlini has returned with a another  set of eye-catching apes, the Pist Apes,  which feature the same characteristic curve in the uprights as their Flying Apes and sharp corners at the bends. Available  in black or chrome;  with 17″ or 14″ rise, only from Carlini Design.