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The Cell Buckle: Handlebar Cell Phone Mount



This is one of those brilliant products that makes you wonder why someone hasn’t produced one sooner.  It’s a simple, sturdy mount for your smartphone that places it’s screen in just the perfect spot for visibility. Finally, I can use the GPS on my phone while I’m riding. Can’t wait for mine to get here. Check this little gem out at The Cell Buckle site.


Rolling Frames & Springers from Sugar Bear Choppers

Sugar Bear & Son

Sugar Bear & Son

“If it ain’t long it’s wrong” -Sugar Bear

I won’t waste time telling you why Sugar bear is arguably the most iconic, innovative and legendary builder of custom motorcycles alive today. With nearly half a century of work behind him, his legacy speaks volumes. Even the greatest Swedish long bike builders awe at the Californian native’s ability to create unfathomably long choppers that handle as tightly as a stock Harley.


All images courtesy of Sugar Bear Choppers

It’s something about that immediately recognizable offset axle and scythe shaped struts. Sugar Bear’s choppers truly embody the idea of art in motion. Yet somehow, in the blur of new builders that seem to multiply exponentially every year, many forget that Sugar Bear and his son are still cranking out their signature springers and rollers from the same little tucked away shop in Gardena, CA. There are way too few of this master builder’s works on the road. Let’s hope some of our readers change that. Visit Sugar Bear Choppers today.

Gold Valve Cartridge Emulators by Race Tech

I’ve said it before, a factory Harley Davidson is not engineered to handle like a Ducati. Fortunately HD’s aftermarket universe is filled with products that substantially increase all around performance.  One of the biggest complaints from HD riders stems from the front suspension. It’s either too mushy or too stiff and finding the balance in between often takes hours of trial and error.


Race Tech has offered its Gold Valve Cartridge Emulators for a number of years now and with the introduction of Red Line Oil’s new variety of suspension fluids, we finally have the means to easily tune the front suspension to suit your individual riding style. Race Tech Gold Emulator Cartridges are built with a tune able valve that, when dropped into your fork tubes sits directly on top of your stock dampeners, making them perform like well tuned cartridge forks. Drop in a set and go hit the Tail of the Dragon like a sport bike. See the entire collection of HD suspension accessories at Race Tech.

New Line of Suspension Fluids from Red Line



Red Line has introduced a new line up of suspension fluids with a shear stability surpassing  most suspension oils currently on the market, with little to no foaming and excellent seal lubricity.  Red Line designed this line of shock oil to offer you the availability to mix the oils together to create a range of viscosities. You can make a customized combination for your dampener’s specific requirements and desired characteristics. Check out the whole product line at Red Line Synthetic Oil.

Pioneer Bars from Pangea Speed

Pioneer_Bars1 Pioneer_Bars2


Fresh from the folks at Pangea Speed, some vintage rabbit-ear inspired handlebars they call Pioneer Bars. Goes to show if you wait long enough, everything comes back into style. Grab a set for yourself a pair while they’re still on sale at Pangea Speed.  

Military Sticker Plate from Cycle Visions

2030-0183 2030-0182 (1)


These lil’ puppies come in handy for a lot more than just military stickers… How ’bout that parking permit you don’t want stuck to your windshield/forks/wherever? Well, here you go. Available in two styles, both in your choice of black or chrome, only from Cycle Visions.

Dual Caliper Hot Legs from Arlen Ness

hotlegs 1443971_gallery_1167875


Am I the only person who didn’t know that Arlen Ness’ Hot Legs came in a dual caliper version? If there’s one thing I love, it’s the option to add another caliper for more whoa-power. That and dual caliper forks are just plain sexy. Grab a pair from Arlen Ness and get your stop on.