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CFL 3 Chopper Frame from Jesse James & West Coast Choppers

Jesse James and crew are back in business with a new, albeit limited line of parts and accessories. As usual, WCC’s shop is clothing heavy and light on parts, but the real news is the introduction of the long awaited CFL 3 Frame.  3″ up and 38 degrees out. Made entirely out of 316 Stainless Steel, with .200″ wall in the Back Bone & Single Down Tube.


Comes complete with an engraved aluminum oil tank, hidden fork stop in the neck, a 1″ rear axle and 3D machined gusset and motor mount. Check out all the details at the West Coast Choppers site. By the way, those much sought after hand-crafted key chain fobs are still available for purchase there.


Café Tail Section for 86-03 Sportster Models from Burly


I’m a huge fan of Sportsters, especially ones stripped down to bare essentials ala Speed Merchant and Storz. We’re seeing this trend all around, even Chopper Dave just tweeted his need for an XR Style Sporty fender. Since Café Racers are becoming a burgeoning fad in the Sportster community, Burly’s new Café Tail Sections should be a huge hit.


No more fender, ugly stock turn signals and license plate frames to clutter things up. Just a clean, minimalist look to completely change up the appearance of any 1986-03 Sporty.


Burly is currently offering these sections in a partially covered model with paint-able black gel coat and a fully covered option. Want more? Both options include super-comfortable gel inserts in the seats. Get a jaw dropping custom look without all the cutting and fabricating. Thank you, Burly.

Rolling Frames & Springers from Sugar Bear Choppers

Sugar Bear & Son

Sugar Bear & Son

“If it ain’t long it’s wrong” -Sugar Bear

I won’t waste time telling you why Sugar bear is arguably the most iconic, innovative and legendary builder of custom motorcycles alive today. With nearly half a century of work behind him, his legacy speaks volumes. Even the greatest Swedish long bike builders awe at the Californian native’s ability to create unfathomably long choppers that handle as tightly as a stock Harley.


All images courtesy of Sugar Bear Choppers

It’s something about that immediately recognizable offset axle and scythe shaped struts. Sugar Bear’s choppers truly embody the idea of art in motion. Yet somehow, in the blur of new builders that seem to multiply exponentially every year, many forget that Sugar Bear and his son are still cranking out their signature springers and rollers from the same little tucked away shop in Gardena, CA. There are way too few of this master builder’s works on the road. Let’s hope some of our readers change that. Visit Sugar Bear Choppers today.

Speed Pegs from Speed Merchant


Fresh off the mill from Triumph Motorcycle specialists Speed Merchant, these very rad Speed Pegs, CNC machined from 6061 aluminum.



These pegs feature the standard clevis mount, so they’ll fit a variety of applications from Harley Davidson to Triumph. Better yet, they’re completely adjustable to any angle for maximum comfort. Available in raw aluminum or black anodized finish from Speed Merchant.

Belt/Chainguard Bag from Willie & Max

59799-00 Belt Guard Bag

Want a minimalist look for your 1992-up Sportster and still need to carry tools, locks, etc. ? Willie & Max has heard and answered your call. Presenting this unobtrusive little belt guard bag that tucks in close and still offers room to pack the essentials. Available now from Willie and Max.

Ohlins Suspension for Harley Davidson Models

ohlins S36DR1L


Why in the world we’re not talking about Ohlins advances in performance suspension as much as we should be is beyond me. They weren’t the 1st to use a piggy-back reservoir, but they sure perfected it. In the last five years, we’ve even seen the greatest compliment , imitators from Progressive and the like attempting to garner a share of the extreme performance market Ohlins‘ have carved out for themselves. The original is still the best, see for yourself at Ohlins‘ site.

Witchfinder General Frame from Mullins Chain Drive

WitchfinderWitchfinder2 Witchfinder1

Mullin’s Witchfinder General frame came out a few years back and I’m still amazed by its simplicity and craftsmanship. Why so few choose to use it is beyond me. Pick one up at Mullins Chain Drive and make something beautiful.