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CFL 3 Chopper Frame from Jesse James & West Coast Choppers

Jesse James and crew are back in business with a new, albeit limited line of parts and accessories. As usual, WCC’s shop is clothing heavy and light on parts, but the real news is the introduction of the long awaited CFL 3 Frame.  3″ up and 38 degrees out. Made entirely out of 316 Stainless Steel, with .200″ wall in the Back Bone & Single Down Tube.


Comes complete with an engraved aluminum oil tank, hidden fork stop in the neck, a 1″ rear axle and 3D machined gusset and motor mount. Check out all the details at the West Coast Choppers site. By the way, those much sought after hand-crafted key chain fobs are still available for purchase there.


Jesse James has more West Coast Choppers parts on Ebay

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The Pope of Welding has been gradually emerging from his Hill Country hide away over the last few months. Last month, we saw him making key chains for some loyal Twitter followers and even sold a super rare CFL2 frame. He also announced the official return of West Coast Choppers as a manufacturer of custom motorcycles. He’s even going to offer the fabled Dominator frame as on option for a complete custom motorcycle, which just outstanding news. Now it appears he’s doing a little early spring cleaning and selling some old WCC parts and swag on Ebay. See the complete selection on JJ’s Ebay Store and score yourself a piece of chopper history.

West Coast Choppers CFL 2 4″Up Prototype Frame Sells For $8,250 ON EBAY

IMG_6474 IMG_6476 IMG_6486 IMG_6488

WCC’s enormously successful CFL frame is synonymous with the West Coast Choppers  identity. It’s popularity has essentially overshadowed every frame Jessie James has built since, even the Dominator, a frame widely held to be the best handling rigid in production today.  But Jessie has been busy in his Hill Country hideaway and built this one of a kind  successor to the CFL, the CFL 2. One of a kind because of the ten he made,  only this particular frame was allowed an extra 4″ of the stretch in the neck, changing its geometry from a low, lean pro-street drag bike and closer to a “traditional”  chopper . Congrats to the winner, I’d love to see how this one turns out.