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The BMW R7

6726637847_67d9dc48cb_z R7 BMW

Not a chopper. Not an American bike. I don’t care.


Dark As Night Helmet from Helmet Dawg


I kind of hate myself for posting this, but given the fact that my post on the Predator Helmet remains one of my most popular, I had to show you Batman inspired motorcycle helmet from Helmet Dawg.


That’s rights kiddies, someone’s finally producing  a Batman helmet. It’s based off a GMax helmet platform, so its DOT certified, and comes with all the bells and whistles you can expect from GMax, like interchangeable clear/tinted shields and loads of ventilation.


Available in all sizes exclusively from Helmet Dawg. Bat-Cycle sold separately.

Classified Cool: Rare, Classic Taillight For Sale


Found this beauty for sale in the Chop Cult Classifieds. Somebody is going to grab this, so act fast if you want to use it on your build.


The seller states:  “Cowl light off I believe an Overland car from the teens. Its a one of a kind light and have never seen another. Brass ring and window rim. Window and face are real glass. Back side is cast iron thats been gun blued. Mounts to a 1/2 peice of stock with a tension screw. Both will be included in sale.”


This is an absolutely gorgeous taillight and I love that fact that the current owner has fitted it with a extra-bright LED insert, so its ready to go without any extra requirements. Visit Rebel Class Cycles’ Facebook page for all the info.

Ouija Wallet from Repop Mfg.

Untitled-2.jpgx oija1


I honestly don’t know why I haven’t posted products from Repop Mfg on this blog before, as I’m a huge fan of Jamie Repop’s work. The man is an incredibly talented leather smith and he casts some really impressive rings, key chains and other jewelry. Best of all, it’s all made in America. Check out the Ooija Wallet and all the other nifty swag at the Repop Mfg. site.

Wide Tripper™ Solo with Diamond Stitch Pattern from Mustang Seats


Mustang has spruced up it’s famously comfortable Wide Tripper Solo Seat by offering them with a cool diamond stitch pattern, even the backrest models.  Mustang has had a good thing going with its Wide Tripper series and I’m pleasantly surprised they’re expanding the line up. Be sure to check out their new heated seat offering when you check the specs on the one. Available for Touring, Sportster, Dyna and Softail models from Mustang Seats.

Slot Track Inverted Air Cleaner from Arlen Ness


2013 seems to be the year of the air cleaner. I can’t think of major manufacturer that hasn’t come up with a new one and minimalism appears to be the fad of the moment. As evidence, Arlen Ness’ Slot Track Inverted Air Cleaner. No stats yet to determine its performance against the reigning champs on the market, but you check the product specs at Arlen’s website.

40 Spoke Pulley from HDW

Spoked pulley Black and Red

Word about “spoked” pulleys have been running wild for the last few years. Supposedly the use of spokes over forged aluminum compensates for higher toque at the rear wheel. In other words  a spoked pulley won’t tear itself apart as quickly as their billet cousins. Considering I’m on my third pulley in two years, I’m definitely interested. Check out HDW for the specs and applications. If you’re into a custom brake setup, be sure to take a peek at their  Perimeter Brake Systems. More at the HDW site.