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Helmets with Integrated Rear View Mirrors from Reevu

6_Copertina 15

And now for an innovation in helmet technology that has been needed since helmets were invented: a built-in rear view mirror that does not obstruct forward vision and provides a clear, uninterrupted view the road behind you.


New from Reevu, the MSX1 motorcycle helmet. Fully  vented, DOT certified and track tested, this little gem may just turn the helmet industry upside down.


These helmets are available now and quite competitively priced considering their substantial safety upgrades. Check out the stats and pricing at the Reevu site.  Also check out the Web Bike World’s video review of the MSX1 and this clip from Discovery Science Discurso.


Amazing Posters On Sale from D. Fitch Photography


Debbie Fitch, owner and proprietor of D. Fitch Photography is letting go a small number of her prints for a limited time at the rock bottom price of $30 bucks a pop.


Debbie possesses a remarkably astute eye for capturing the essence of our culture and these prints would make a fantastic addition to any room, office, garage or shop.


Familiarize yourself with a talented artist and get a few now before it’s too late. Check out the whole series at D. Fitch Photography.

Café Tail Section for 86-03 Sportster Models from Burly


I’m a huge fan of Sportsters, especially ones stripped down to bare essentials ala Speed Merchant and Storz. We’re seeing this trend all around, even Chopper Dave just tweeted his need for an XR Style Sporty fender. Since Café Racers are becoming a burgeoning fad in the Sportster community, Burly’s new Café Tail Sections should be a huge hit.


No more fender, ugly stock turn signals and license plate frames to clutter things up. Just a clean, minimalist look to completely change up the appearance of any 1986-03 Sporty.


Burly is currently offering these sections in a partially covered model with paint-able black gel coat and a fully covered option. Want more? Both options include super-comfortable gel inserts in the seats. Get a jaw dropping custom look without all the cutting and fabricating. Thank you, Burly.

The BMW R7

6726637847_67d9dc48cb_z R7 BMW

Not a chopper. Not an American bike. I don’t care.

40 Spoke Pulley from HDW

Spoked pulley Black and Red

Word about “spoked” pulleys have been running wild for the last few years. Supposedly the use of spokes over forged aluminum compensates for higher toque at the rear wheel. In other words  a spoked pulley won’t tear itself apart as quickly as their billet cousins. Considering I’m on my third pulley in two years, I’m definitely interested. Check out HDW for the specs and applications. If you’re into a custom brake setup, be sure to take a peek at their  Perimeter Brake Systems. More at the HDW site.

Notes From the Road: It appears I’m lodging in the Honey Moon Suite…


This motel room has a blacklight  over the bed.  I didn’t even notice the paint until the light the came on.


I can say with absolutely certainly the sheets were clean. Sometimes the destination is stranger than the ride. Taken from a motel in Houston’s 3rd Ward.

Escape From New York Jacket from Magnoli Clothiers


Magnoli Clothiers is an exceptional bespoke and “off the rack” custom tailor out pf Greenland. While Magnoli’s is one of the finest custom clothing manufacturers you’ll ever run across, they specialize in high quality reproductions of famous movie costumes.


Case in point: this absolute masterpiece replica of the jacket Kut Russel wore to play Snake Plissken in Escape from New York. You’re just an eye-patch, a Farrah Fawcett blow out and some practice saying “…Call me Snake” away from being an action hero.



The Escape Jacket is painstaking rendered in your your your choice of leather [this model is shown in distressed cowhide, faithful to the original] with fully articulated shoulders and full length sleeves for actual use on a motorcycle.



Every detail has been reproduced exactly, down to the button cuffs and the deleted belt option, which really only served to scratch your tank’s paint job anyway. An absolutely stunning piece of iconic craftsmanship you can call your own. See for yourself at Magnoli Clothiers.