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07 Softail Standard Custom from Exile Cycles for sale.


This isn’t really news, since the bike has been for sale for ages, bit since Russel Mitchell reduced the price for this scoot down to $25K it seems time to talk about it.

ExileBike08. 0052

Russel created this bike to showcase Exile Chopper”s lineup of parts to make  a standard Softail look like a custom build from a pro shop.  Featuring Exile’s trademark minimalist approach to building, this scoot features a laundry list of  custom features to dramtically change the look of the otherwise plain Jane Softail Standard, like Russell’s super-clean handlebar setup complete with a twist-clutch and hidden controls.

ExileBike08. 0041

You’d pay a lot more for the bike and the parts separately, not counting the time and effort to bolt them on yourself. Consider this your last chance to own a genuine Exile Cycle dream bike without forking over $30K plus. Don’t this this one pass you by. Get the full specs and more shots of the sled at Exile Cycles.


Return of the FXR, Custom Builders Re-Creating a Legend


A late model Harley EVO FXR sporting a wrapped Thunderheader

It’s been more than ten years since Sonny Barger wrote “A Harley FXR is the bike of choice for most Hell’s Angels today” in his autobiography, but the legend is much, much older. Designed in part by genius motorcycle designer Erik Buell and Bob LeRoy, the current project manager of Harley’s Special Vehicles Operations, the FXR was a champion the moment it rolled out of the factory in 1982.

Darwin Motorcycle's Brawler GT

Darwin Motorcycle’s “Brawler GT”

Officially out of the HD line-up since the FXR4 in 2000, custom bike builders and Harley enthusiasts have sought out these old war horses and rebuilt them to the performance machines they once were. The first true attempt at creating a pure custom inspired by the FXR would come from Jesse James at the dusk of WCC’s operations in Long Beach. JJ’s Dominator frame was a rigid mounted beast and the styling cues from the FXR were only visible to the trained eye.


Big Bear Choppers “Titanium”

In the last year however, we’ve witnessed a collection of custom builders creating FXR inspired bikes including Darwin Motorcycles and the recently re-established Big Bear Choppers, who just introduced their own interpretation, the Titanium. Both models look like killer machines and Darwin’s website is already claiming some pretty impressive specs for their respective model, the Brawler GT. The FXR truly is a remarkable set-up and it’s just fantastic to see people taking an interest in them again. Finally… a trend in in an ever changing industry that nearly all of us can get behind.