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Helmets with Integrated Rear View Mirrors from Reevu

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And now for an innovation in helmet technology that has been needed since helmets were invented: a built-in rear view mirror that does not obstruct forward vision and provides a clear, uninterrupted view the road behind you.


New from Reevu, the MSX1 motorcycle helmet. Fully  vented, DOT certified and track tested, this little gem may just turn the helmet industry upside down.


These helmets are available now and quite competitively priced considering their substantial safety upgrades. Check out the stats and pricing at the Reevu site.  Also check out the Web Bike World’s video review of the MSX1 and this clip from Discovery Science Discurso.


NOVDOT Helmet and Shield from Lick’s Cycles


For a limited time only, Lick’s Cycle’s is offering this custom pinstriped helmet [available in XL only]  at the Licks’s Cycles site.  This is a one-off  job and a limited time offer, so grab it quick before someone beats you to it.


The lid in question is based off Lick’s NOVDOT half helmet, which Lick’s tout as “the smallest, sleekest, lightest DOT approved helmet on the market today”.  They omit the fact it it’s MSRP matches or is downright less expensive than their competitors as well.



And for an extra dash of protection, make sure you pick up Lick’s Visormatic 6000 Helmet Shield. Helmet shields not only offer a superior field of view than goggles, they’re also significantly more comfortable. Read all about it at Lick’s Cycles.