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Vision Series Headlights from Performance Machine


Performance Machine been dramatically expanding their already substantial offerings over the last few years. We’ve seen them introduce an entire collection of air cleaners, and the Contrast Cut and Scallop series of tin covers, pegs and grips, all of which were right in the wheelhouse of what they’ve been doing for the last forty plus years. So the new Vision Series of headlights, made to the same exacting specifications as the rest of their parts, is an exciting line of accessories for PM to introduce. Check out the stats at Performance Machine and pick up yours from your local PM dealer.


Classified Cool: Rare, Classic Taillight For Sale


Found this beauty for sale in the Chop Cult Classifieds. Somebody is going to grab this, so act fast if you want to use it on your build.


The seller states:  “Cowl light off I believe an Overland car from the teens. Its a one of a kind light and have never seen another. Brass ring and window rim. Window and face are real glass. Back side is cast iron thats been gun blued. Mounts to a 1/2 peice of stock with a tension screw. Both will be included in sale.”


This is an absolutely gorgeous taillight and I love that fact that the current owner has fitted it with a extra-bright LED insert, so its ready to go without any extra requirements. Visit Rebel Class Cycles’ Facebook page for all the info.

Triumph Points Covers from Factory Metal Works


Yeah, I know… this isn’t a Harley part. I don’t care. Choppers are cool, I don’t care what kind of mill you’re running in the frame. If you made it, ride it with pride. As it happens, I’ve got a soft spot for CB750’s and old Triumphs. In fact, I’ve seen more than a few so well assembled  I’d be ashamed to park one of my bikes next to them.



And that’s how these nifty little transparent/translucent points covers grabbed my attention. Fresh from the Factory Metal Works crew, who specializes in vintage Triumphs, you can snag one of these and put a little twist on your old Bonny. Stand out from the crowd and save some cash over the OEM part. Sneak a peek at Factory Metal Works.

Thundervolt 10.4MM Spark Plug Wires from Sumax



There was a time not very long ago where it wasn’t uncommon for a spark plug wire manufacturer to advertise horsepower gains from their product. A spark plug wire can only aid in increasing the size of the spark the plug emits and decreasing the amount of Resistance the electrical current faces on its way to the plug. Following that logic, the majority of spark plug wire manufacturers have stopped making horse power claims in their ads. Not Sumax’s massive 10.4mm Spark Plug Wires, whose dyno tests tout a reliable 2.1 increase in overall horsepower in Twin Cam motors. Take some extra time to properly gap your plugs and you can bet that number will inch a bit higher. Bigger,  hotter sparks and a smoother, faster start -what more could you want? Available now, exclusively from Sumax.

OBDP Power Tap, Y Harness from NAMZ

OBDP Y Harness

Leave it to NAMZ, masters of cables, connections and wiring to invent this beauty. Easily installs inline on all Glides by connecting to the diagnostic port, so no more splicing the wiring harness. Works for anything requiring a  12-volt connection. Found at NAMZ Custom Products.

Fat Bob Taillight and Bracket for FXDWG

Image Courtesy J&P Cycles

Image Courtesy J&P Cycles

If you’re a Twin Cam Wide Glide owner you know all about the limited selection among  aftermarket taillight replacement options. On one end we had Joker Machine’s remarkably well constructed fat-bob style and on the other we had Kurykyn’s lay-down square-back model. Between cost and style, either presented a sacrifice of some sort. Over six years later we finally have a medium ground with V-Twin Manufacturing’s Custom LED Fat Bob styled taillight especially for the FXDWG. …And there was much rejoicing. Grab yours at JP Cycles

“Brass Knuckle” LED Taillight from Fabricator Kevin

fabkevin-brass-knuckle-brakelightfab kevin brass knuckle light

Fresh from Fab “If it ain’t steel, it ain’t real” Kevin, this absolute knockout of a knuckle duster taillight. Carved from 6061 aluminum and packed with super-bright LEDs , it’s a real show stopper. Sadly, Kevin says they’re a pain to make and he’s only going to to release them in limited supplies, so better grab one now before he’s over them. Get yours at Fab Kevin‘s.